dreadful fear and serious thoughts.

I have been having this idea for such a long time now. I never thought that it could become reality in any way. But strangely that idea is starting to transform into an actual plan now. And you guys have no idea how scared iam. Because it doesnt involve studying studying in Singapore or London at all. It goes into a totally different direction, one that throws me into reality, and business life right away. Into a life with high resposibility. I dont know if i could do it. As always iam so afraid of failing.

Thoughts on it from one of my tumblr :

uni. studying. postponing the real life. study a bit longer.
be a child for a bit longer. iam still young. i should enjoy.
but i feel like this is the perfect moment. 
but it would change everything. reality. right away.
responsibility. now in three years. but now.

I will not reveal what iam talking about because its too early to tell anything about my plans. I will do when iam determined to go after that idea and to accomplish that plan.