My best girl loves cleaning her face with all kinda stuffs. Im pretty anti-facial stuffs usually because everytime i try something on my face my skin thanks me with an allergic reaction or little pimples etc. Thats why i came to the conclusion using facial wash etc is bullshit. I usually never use anythign on my skin, no facial wash, no cream (pretty much because im lazy and always forget to apply creme lol) and my skin has always been fine. My friend also loves those nose strips. I used them once couple months ago and my skin around my nose became extremely bad after that. I think its because i applied creme right after using the nose strip ?? I dont know, but ever since i had tiny red pimples coming up every now and then and it annoyed the shit out of me. I was absolutely through with those stupid nose strips. Until my boss told me how she notices that the skin around my nose got worse and that i should try cleaning it properly. And i was like... fuck.... i should give those stupid nose strips another shot.

Us camwhoring and looking stupid lol.

The ones we used in the end lol. They are like fuckinggg old, bought them in Singapore for my ex bf two years ago lol. They are for men lol. My girl Yi said they werent really good but i was fine with the result.

My nose looks much better ever since ! Hmmmm maybe i should use nose strips mroe often lol. Unfortunately i borrowed my camera to a friend of mine and cant take proper close up photos. Iphone 3 quality is pretty shit.