Does my path lead me to the other side ?

summer 2010.

Iam still considering studying digital journalism for now. The next course intake is in March, in Singapore. I can do my Diploma over there and if i come to the decision that its the right thing for me i can still do my Bachelor in UK. I considered Singapore before but never really really seriously because London is just a dreamplace to be for me. I like Singapore a lot, too, i've been there three times so far and i love the city and everything but i cant really imagine what living there might be like. I mean to me everything over there is freaking cheap, shopping, food, taxi which is a positive aspect but then again i know myself and im afraid i might spend my money too easily, play too much and focus on studying too little. I really should work on my ambition until march. I will apply for SAE next week. Actually this is not considering anymore, i actually have decided to study in Singapore already. And digital journalism.