no good-e

super drunk Nathalie and Sarah lol

Pictures from last night. Oh god my drinking behaviour is the worsssttttt recently. Iam turning into a little alcoholic. Iam pretty sick right now thats why i didnt go out much during the week. Stayed home most of the time, or went to work (i know, everyone wants a coughing waitress to serve their food lol ) thats why i was so eager to reunite with some of my girls yesterday. I felt kind of ok, had enough time to put on mak eup properly before i went to work so i was ready for the night ! Work finished early, got lot of tip, perfect ! THEN. I started my ultimative drinking marathon. My girl Nathalie works at another restaurant i used to work at so i went to visit her. Im cool with my ex boss and the other waiters so i had free access to alcohol and other drinks. Had two 'Hugo's' (Prosecco with sparkling water and elder syrup, suuuper delicious !), but because i started feeling tired Nat made me drink an espresso. WORST DECISION EVER. Then she made me an Touchdown. I drank it pretty fast. Drank bits of hers too. Then we went to the club. I was in a good mood, had fun with the girls, got myself a tequila shot and bought a vodka cranberry for Nathalie. We shared it. Second round : bought Jägermeister shots for Nathalie and my other girl Alisa, got another Tequila shot for myself. Back to dancing. Got thirsty, bought a beer and since i was at the bar already i got another Tequila shot as well. Shared the beer with the girls. Asked Nathalie whatelse she wanted, bought a Gin Tonic. We shared. Other people probably would have passed out already. NO this alcoholic, which is me, had another two rounds of tequila shots at another club ! IAM INSANE ! Usually i drink five Tequila shots and its fine and im in a super mood. But last night i have no idea what made me drink so much. And worse, i spent allllll my money. All the money i earnt, all the money i had. Lucky i got to work again today and the tip was good so im still not absolutely broke, but i fucking spent 100 euro last night. And didnt even have money to go home by taxi. After clubbing we went to Sarahs place and i actually dont like sleeping over at peoples places too much so i went home and another friend joined me. Fucking hell, i havnt gone home by underground when being so drunk for years ! Usually alwayssss have at least a bit money for taxi or go with someone who brings me home. I sat in the underground, i thought i was gonna die haha. When i came home i was afraid my mom would freak out but she was peacefully asleep luckily. What a night, seriously. I cant believe i drank THAT MUCH -.- But the good thing, when i woke up this morning i felt completely fine, no hangover, no nothing. Must change my drinking behaviour ! (Even though i must admit... i have become a pretty strong drinker haha )