diamond lashes review + camwhoring

It already feels like it was billion years ago when i ordered fake lashes and jap hair dye via ebay and they didnt arrive until todayyyy !! Bought the Japanese Diamond Lashes and six different hair dye packages from lucido-l ! My mom kept bugging me about the hair dye already since her roots were growing out and i was full of excitement, after having driven all the way to the middle of nowhere to get my package, which i had to pay 16 euro at the customs for (motherfucking german tax, 19 %, yes, seriously !!!), to finally bring the hair dye home ! And when i opened it.... surprise....

... i was expecting SIXXXXXX packages of hair dye. How many you see ? YES ! FOUR ! Thats how many they sent me those idiots ! After waiting for them foreverrr and after paying 16 € for 6 boxes of hair dye, and a set of lashes, i get only 4 boxes of hair dye ! Motherfuckers. Have to write them again, and then wait for my other two boxes, agaiiiinnnnnn, how annoying. 

But at least my lashes are here : D I havnt started using fake lashes until very recently simply because i always was too stupid to apply them lol. I always thought, oh gooooddd, so complicated to apply, nah i rather put on my billion layers of mascara (takes longer to apply and is harder to remove = stupid). But yeah, back from Vietnam with no job and no school at that time and nothing else to do you sometimes come up with random ideas. Like following gyaru make up tutorial. I had fake lashes at home already, which i bought yearsss ago in Singapore (fucking cheappp back then) and loved it ! Awsome now im back in GERMANY and have to pay lotsa money for stupid asian lashes i get used to applying fake lashes ! Iam so slow, cant believe myself. If i had jst tried it properly earlier !! Could have bought so many lashe sin VN and Singapore : (  
Anyway ! Review : I love them. If you want natural lashes, dont get these. They are easy to apply, not heavy at all, and i love them ! I dont know if its my eyes only but they make me look a bit tired without circle lenses though. And since i usually dont wear circle lenses and dont even have proper ones in my size..... Instead of throwing the lashes away... Why not buying circle lenses too : D haha  

And now the camwhoring part :

Pictures were taken with iphone !!! Thats why they're not so sharp. And i actually edited the pictures shitloads a bit lolol. My hair colour doesnt look like that at all I WISH ! hahah. Didnt put anyyy effort in the eye make up, had the eyeliner on already from earlier today and then put the lashes on (love how the strap is so thin !) and put mascara on my lower lashes. THATS IT. And i still looked so fresh without all my annoying usual routine ! Circle lenses + fake lashes = THE SHIT ! I used to be very pessimistic towards both but now i absolutely love it ! My usual eye make up with all the mascara is sooo hard to remove ! And with the fake lashes u only have to remove the eyeliner and the mascara from the bottom lashes, how convenient ! And iam working on a make up tutorial btw ! For my casual tldh eye make up, stay tuneddd. (Im not becoming a cosmetics blogger now though. BUT fake lashes ARE amazing ! And so is japanese hair dye ! )