im an idiot.

exactly like this right now, oh god how am i such an addict ?

my room is an absolute mess right now ! i hate itttt. not done rearranging my room yet. all i did today was moving my closet. which was fucking heavy and hard to do. need to figure everything else out tomorrow.

something i used to do in 2008 or 2009 lol

school creation from 2008 haha wtf ?!

hab ich geschrieben als ich 16 war nachdem mit meinem ersten freund schluss war haha

school creation seventh grade... wtf wtf wtf ?! hahahaha ich werde geraubt ?!

cover of my homework book in 10th grade. when i still put effort in doing mash ups. actually i do remember that at the beginning it looked completely different but during the year i added more and more stuff to it so now it looks like that !

i died my hair today !! camwhoring pix coming up soon yay.

Do you know this situation when in fact everything is perfectly fine, and then you still want to change it ? I actually loved my hair colour and me idiot died it jst now. Why ? Because i bought this hair dye and wanted to try it -.- My hair is a pretty dark ash now. Doesnt look too shit but doesnt look amazing either. Fuck ! And then my room.. Actually i liked my room a lot the way it was before. Then i tried to rearrange the furniture today before i went to work. Left everything unfinished and now im too tired to do it. I dont know what my room will look like yet because actually i was quite happy with the way it was before... Wtf is wrong with me, why do i always want to change things, why cant i ever be content with things how they are.... so stupid. Anyway, will show pictures of my new hair colour tomorrowww. Cant wait to see what its gonna look like at daytime !

During sorting out my stuff today is tumbled upon lotsa old note books, agendas and other things, which are always quite interesting to look at. Im the kind of person, i rarely ever throw something away. I like to keep my stuff until theres no space anymore or till im growing realllyyyy tired of them. It was fun going through my old thoughts and drawings and creations. I was so confident back then haha.