negative nocturnal behaviour

some impressions from my phone

I really do like clubbing and i really do love going out at night and having fun with my girls but it does me really no good. I never jst go to have a drink. I either drink or dont, because in fact i fucking hate alcohol. It doesnt taste good, it just gets you drunk. To me that is its only purpose, getting you tipsy and drunk, and nothing else. But i dont mind drinking tequila shot after tequila shot because i like being tipsy. My retardness and weirdass dancing skills are surely presented when iam, and i turn into the biggest chain smoker ever. But in fact drinking is bollocks. Sometimes i wake up the next morning just wondering, wtf happened last night. Or i wake up and feel so miserable. Though... ok, sometimes i do wake up with funny and weird memories, too.

And it wastes my money ! Everytime i go out i spend at least 50 Euro. I go out at least twice a week. 100 Euro for Tequila shots and other bullshit. I could get myself 10 bottles with that money and drink at home lol.

Fuck im in no good condition to write right now. Im usually a rather nocturnal blogger. Sun is shining brightly outside. Its almost midday and i got home 4 hours ago. I slept for two hours and now im sitting here.
Another night at the club. Another night alcohol did something rather evil than good. Another wasted 50 €. I should do something productive instead, seriously. And i should quit smoking, seriously. In fact every time i smoke i feel disgusted by myself afterwards. I feel shit, i smell shit. But i smoke. Simply because i do. I dont do it because i like it, i sometimes do it because im stressed, and im certainly not a person who needs a cigarette right after waking up.

Im not living a healthy lifestyle recently with my fucked up sleeping pattern (on some days i sleep 3 hours, on other days i sleep 13 hours and never before 7am), working non-stop, going out so much, drinking so much, and smoking so much. Im not even eating healthily. I cant fucking remember when i ate fruits the last time haha.

Have to work later this day, i really not in the state actually. In fact i fucking need a break from working but money doesnt come for free.