Intérieurs chinois - Robert Van der Hilst

When i was browsing my xanga earlier i saw the picture of this book. Back then i didnt have any money and i was like, ok iam going to take a picture of it and buy it later. You can imagine what happened.... 10 minutes later i forgot all about this book and life went on. Lol. But now seeing it again and having googled a few impressions from the content iam so eager to buy it ! Seriously this time ! Problem ? See the price tag in the picture ? 42€. Via amazon : 128€. Are u freaking kidding me ? D: Anyone wanna buy it for me as christmas present ; ) ; ) ; ) *blinkblinkblink* ???? LOOOL. Ok me, retard to the max. I might buy it sometime. If i have the money lol. Or go to Paris again! 128.... Gotta be kidding me. Looks very interesting though. 'Interior photography' on a different level. Me loves !

impressive captions !