Hebi ni Piasu - Snakes and earrings

I just watched an extremely captivating movie. One that probably will leave a deep impression on me which might last longer than a day. I suggest everyone to watch this movie. Iam so madly in love. Iam in love with this fictional love story. Even though the storyline left a few questions and i hated the ending. I felt so much pain and yearning while watching it. Iam so in love.

Something i wrote quite immediatly after watching it and posted on one of my tumblr:

"aspiration of my heart

unconditional love. no questions. no answers. no expectations.
bare personality. confronting each other, creating love." - juliadoan.tumblr.com

P.S. i was so mad disappointed when i googled the actors ! SO SO disappointed. In the movie i was thinking omg so hottttt, and then saw actual pictures of the actors..... ewww.... If i saw them casually on the street i wouldnt even look at them with my ass, not to speak of finding them hot. Which shows that iam into skinny guys with tattoos and piercings lol. But it wasnt just the looks, also the personality of Ama and Shiba were so fascinating, as opposing as they were.