"I don't know what to do. I didn't get my mom any nice birthday prsent
so since I have money noww, I want to get her sth now. First I thought
I might save all the money I earn till Christmas and buy her a Chanel
bag. I know she wants one. And i Know She wanted to get herself One
for her own birthday but then She realized She shouldnt buy it cos its
fucking two months rent. And then I realized bah I'm not gonna buy any
Chanel either cos it's fucking two months rent. Maybe in 20 years when
I'm rich. Anyway the next thing coming up to my mind was buying her a
new phone cos she's usin the same lame iphone3gs like me, cos She Gave
her iphone4 to my Brother. Now i could either buy her iPhone4 or New
bb bold. She actually doesnt Even Need fuckin smartphone but my Mons a
brandwhore. It will Be fucking hard buying my mom a phone and not
wanting to keep it ! And as for me, I either want "

This is so stupid. Worse: I wrote it. Worse: I was gonna post it on
tumblr. First, tumblr is like the worst place to share stuff from
private life ever. I don't think it's good for private blogging at
all. Second, I wrote this as 7 am in the morning shortly before I was
falling asleep. I have nö fucking idea why I have to think abt so much
bullshit at that kinda time and don't know, which is worse, feel the
urge to share it online. I must work on myself, don't think that's a
good feature of mine. I have four blogs goddamnit !

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