hanoi to ha long - from sunrise to sunset

Hanoi - with the family

got stomach ache big time after eating this !!!! whatever it was !! 

A bit of background story : Hanoi ! Oh beautiful vietnamese capital ! I didnt go there until the very end of my whole Vietnam stay and spent a week there. A very short time compared to my stay in Saigon (oneandahalfmonths lol ?) ! The reason... i connected that city with rather disappointing or boring memories. Last year i went with my ex bf. It was... not very nice. I didnt get to see my friends at all and had to visit his family all the time. I hated it in fact. And the time before... I went by myself and had to stay at my grandmas and wasnt allowed to go out by myself. And was bored to death. Anyway this time was completely different and blew me away. I had a friend from Saigon, who is Hanoian, coming along first of all, and he took me around, introduced me to his friends and i had great fun and lotsa yummy/weird food (porridge hotpot.. why?? or 'bun oc' but with meat ??? wtf ?! or these two 'snacks' (#14/15), something chewy with cha and cucumber and lotsa chili stuff... gosh that was... a new taste experience for me haha. or the yogurt something with black beans, which was actually quite good. ) Second, because there were friends from Germany in town as well and i was able to go clubbing and sleep over at someone elses place (i would have never thought that my grandma would allow it but she did lol). And my family was really nice to me as well, all in all it wasnt too bad, i actually would have loved to spend more time there because i didnt even get to see my local friends. 

off to Ha Long Bay

nicest sunrise i have ever observed !

looks good huuh ? The soup oh wow, nice colour, so clear.... guess what its made of :


poor puppies : ( cos i knew they were gonna die D:

Anyway, my grandma decided it was a good idea to take me around a bit, so two uncle of mine and my grandpa took me to Ha Long ! It was a 5 hour drive in a smelly car and i thought i was gonna suffocate !!!! Ehm and before driving to Ha Long we made a detour to the mountains to get medicine for my grandpa. It was hot as fuck and in the middle of the mountains, suddenly there was this huge house. Which looked big and nice from outside but was dirty and disgusting inside. And they had two monkeys there, which i felt sorry for, and chicken, they would eat at some point AND SUPER CUTE PUPPIES ! And some people there made fun of me cos i found them so so cute. Because thats such a western thing to do lol. Anyway they told me they were gonna eat the puppies at some point anyway and i was shocked :' ( Can u actually imagine someone eating dog ?! I could never do that. Ok i once did but i didnt know it was dog so i didnt do it on purpose and i felt violated and disgusted afterwards. But seriously how can u just eat cute little doggies ?! People are mad ! Ok after getting medicine anyway, we finally went to Ha Long Bay. We had signed up for a boat trip.

WORST BOAT TRIP OF MY LIFEEEEEE !!!! You see all the yummy stuff in the pictures ? Gosh it was so damn yummy and so damn fresh. It was freshly prepared on the boat. Too bad the boats kitchen has probably never ever been cleaned before. (u can imagine what the toilets were like then but more about that later...) And too bad my stomach cant handle those weird vietnamese bacteria. Result ? DIARRHEA BIG TIME !!!! And probably one of the worst stomach aches of my life. And i was on a freaking boat. And i had to climb up a freaking mountain with no fucking toilet on one of those islands. And then i was on the fucking boat again. I felt like my stomach was gonna explode. Why i didnt go to the toilet ? Because the toilet was the by far most disgusting toilet i have ever been to in my life !!!! Well i was in there. Because before the food i had to pee so hard. And it was so disgusting. The look. The small. It had the size of half a phone boot i swear. You went in there, stood right in front of the toilet bowl, close the door and think u will die any minute because the smell wa so damn freaking disgusting. Smart me, holding my breath, trying to pee while kinda half standing, half sitting, trying to not touch anything, it kinda worked. Ok but then my diarrhea went lose, i felt like crying, seriously. I was dying !!!! I couldnt imagine myself using that gross toilet again. But i had to !!! Can you feel my dilemma ??? I was on a freaking boat !!!! With my uncles and my grandpa. And two guys working on that boat who kept flirting with me and watched my every step !!! And that toilet was tiny and the door not proper door !!! I was so fucking desperate. I couldnt enjoy fucking Ha Long at all because i had fucking diarrhea on a boat with a disgusting toilet. But i had to use it. I had to. I had to. Until we returned to Hanoi i felt nothing but disgusted by myself. Because i had to spend another 5 hours in that smelly car and because of the toilet incident. I will never ever eat anything again on a boat in Vietnam, however yummy it looks. !! Should have taken a picture of the toilet.... I wish 4 or 5 D filming was possible so i could let you guys smell... so disgusting. Worse than any public toilet on this planet.

last day in Hanoi - what i ate, where i went

bun with fried eel or something. was yum !

Ok on my last day i went to the great lakes with my grandpa. I tried talking to him but u know... its hard talking to someone when that person is not very talkactive. It was so hot outside, it was almost painful. Had to eat 'banh tom ho tay'. Tastes fatty. Dont know why i have to eat it everytime i come to Hanoi.

Okay finally im done ! Been wanting to upload these pictures for so long. Didnt edit much to share the real colours of Vietnam with you. Even though most of my readers are Vietnamese i think and know Vietnam just as much as i do, i guess

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Hanoi and Saigon in comparison :

- Hanoi is more beautiful, better for shopping, hotter guys and girls, people are taller, they eat pho with quay
- Saigon is better for clubbing, clubs only opened till 12pm in Hanoi, and its at least 2 am in Saigon lol ! People in Saigon seem nicer to me but taxi is more expensive since the city is bigger. In general i would say Hanoi is nicer, but theres something about Saigon i cant resist and love so much.