tumblr actually makes u notice that so many people are more alike than you than you would ever have thought init ? i  have spent a lot of time on tumblr recently and i stumble upon blogs which could be mine all the time. or blogs with pictures of which i think that i would never ever post or reblog them. or blogs of people i think that they gotta be insane lol. and the more common interests represented by the pictures or texts or videos or whatever, the more interesting is the person to you, right ?

how is tumblr not the perfect dating agency match seeker ?? haha

Because my interests go in every possible direction, seriously, so when i find tumblers, that seem to be so much like me, are interested in apparently exactly the same things as well and have the same sense of aesthetics, too, i become very curious about the person and usually scroll through the archieve down to the very first post.
But most people are unlike me and dont use tumblr as camwhore medium so much lol. My blackberrytales.tumblr.com blog used to be for my blackberry uploads only but then my blackberry died and tumblr blogging from iphone is stupid, so i rarely upload pictures and even if they do it fails most of the time, so i use it for reblogging shit and casual blogging now as well.