Karma and a lost phone

Do you believe in Karma ? Well I usually don't. It's not like I make fun of it or anything, I just don't actively think about it usually. As some might already know from Facebook, I lost my phone last night. Which is quite an upsetting thing to me, because I have so many things saved on that phone, and now I hate myself for never having done a backup. I know. I don't have iCloud either, nor do I have an insurance for my phone. How stupid of me, right ? I went to the club with my friends here in London last night, and usually I alwaysss hold my phone or try my best to keep it safe, because it does mean a lot to me. But somehow I still managed to lose it. Or someone stole it from me, I really don't know. Because I knew that I was still holding it, and ten minutes later it was gone from my pant's pocket. So either someone took it from my pocket (yes it was slightly sticking out), or it dropped on the floor where I was standing, and someone passed by and took it. I was really really really upset at first, but now, what can I do besides accepting it ??? My friend Mike was the one who kept saying, that it probably is Karma. Actually he kept saying things about Karma, until I started thinking about what I did for me to deserve my phone loss. And there was this incidence on my way to last night's dinner:

I was sitting in the DSLR train with a couple opposite of me. Suddenly a drunk man came and almost slapped me in my face. His finger touched my forehead slightly but sharply. He tumbled on towards the door. And then he stood there. I was pissed, and kept thinking that he's so drunk, that he can't even walk or stand properly anymore, not to speak of apologizing to me. I cursed at him in my mind. Then I heard the couple saying, 'Those are probably his.'. I turned my face towards the direction the woman was looking at, and saw his jacket and backpack lying on the floor. I didn't know what to do. I was reluctant to pick it up and give it to him. I mean, he was so drunk, he could barely stand, I would have had to put his jacket and backpack on for him, because I don't think he could have done so. I tried to ignore it and blend it out, since that was what the couple opposite of me was doing. We arrived and Bank, end station then, and I knew he was too drunk to realize that he had his jacket and backpack lying there, but i didn't want to really help him either, since I was still mad at him, for being that drunk at such an hour. Very unreasonable. I was also late for dinner, so I just went out, and left him to himself, thinking that it might have not been too good of me to do so, but then again, the couple just left without a blink as well. I didn't want to help him, so I didn't. I don't know what happened to him then. He might have stumbled out of the train, and then lost his phone and bag in the train. So that would explain my bad Karma, and my losing the iPhone. Ok I still don't really believe in Karma, but if there's such a thing, I'm pretty sure that train incident was why I lost my iPhone.

Now I have to spend a lot of money on buying a new one. Money I could have spent on buying new furniture.... Floralpunk is closed these days, so I don't really have much income. And London also burned a big hole in my wallet. I hope this phase will be over soon. Not making money while spending money is the worst feeling ever. I also feel bad, because the phone was a present from my last boyfriend. I feel sorry because he spent so much money on it, and I jst lost it within half a year. I feel guilty, even though we are not together anymore : ( 

I remember when I was 17, my dad bought me a brand new Blackberry. I lost it on my first night, and I felt so guilty and horrible, I asked my boss back then, whether I could do more shifts during the week, after school, so I could buy a new one, without letting my dad know. I've got to quite some lash extension appointments now so I can buy a new iPhone. : (