Do you remember those times of me when I thought I was an alcoholic, because all I did every night was drinking ? When I was so depressive that I didn't know what to do with all my sad mood ? I was heartbroken. It lasted eight months. And at least eight months I spent my nights either drinking or crying. No, actually both. I didn't have fun doing it, but I did it, because there was nothing else to do at night. I've been there, that's why I'm not very happy about breaking my boyfriend's heart. It was long and painful. Very very painful. My tumblr is filled with sad poems I wrote. What stayed from those days is a high resistance level for alcohol. I killed so many Jäger shots last night, I didn't even know that I could drink that much. And I didn't throw up. I never do. I wish I would, so I don't have to feel so shit the next day, like now, but I never do. Drinking is fun once in a while. But if I had to be drunk every single day again, I wouldn't do it for any money in the world. Because I feel very very shit right now. #justsaying #alcoholisevil