Papa Pane // Berlin-Mitte

Boyfriend took me to dinner last night after i spent a whole day at home working on things for Floralpunk. I seriously have no problem with sitting in front of the laptop all day. Im an internet geek 8 )

We went to Papa Pene, which is supposed to be really good. And it was ! We went there pretty late, around 11pm,  and it was raining so we had no problem with getting a table. Otherwise, i heard, it's absolutely necessary to book in advance.

We had a small insalata mista (nothing for ppl who love dressing like my bf does lol), lasagna and a pizza piccante. The lasagna good. There was one layer of spinach which was a little to bland, but acceptable. The upper layer of cheese was crispy and i loved that. My pizza was nice as well. If you like thin pizza, which is crispy around the edges and gets softer towards the middle. I dont mind, even though i prefer thin pizza that's crispy through and through. A little heavy on cheese but that i don't mind either. All in all a very tasty and solid Pizza. Service was alright. Not the best, not the worst.

They have dishes on the menu which sounded so appealing to me that i do must return there. Like the grilled baby octopus on salad, a littly spicy. Or the thin spaghetti arrabiata with something else which sounded really yummy as well. I dont know, but i do recommend this restaurant. The atmosphere is nice. Wouldnt want to go there during peak hours though. We paid 25€ for one salad, two drinks and two main dishes. quite alright !