Berlin Diaries

Nippelalarm !!! Haha

CurryMitte Currywurst !  SO GOOD. Because of the fries lol. I love their fries !!!!!

Heya. Just came back from a three-day trip to Berlin today. My trips to Berlin dont feel like trips to Berlin anymore though. Its like going to a different neighbourhood to hang out with your friends for a couple days and then go home again. Berlin feels kind of home-y to me now. Guess its because my BF lives there and because i have been there so often that iam used to the city now. Used to not like Berlin very much. Anyway, yeah, had some nice coldass days. Loveydovey and all with my boyfriend. The usual shit. Now back to working 4 days in row. Booked my flight to Peking and Shanghai !! So excited. 

With no laptop, blogging has become a serious task for me in my agenda. Iam barely home and not being home means not being able to blog. And with my S3 and countless photo editing apps its always tempting to just upload the edited pictures to my Facebook. But then i open my blog and am disappointed myself when i see no change in weeks. 

Many things happened ! Will write about it later in bed via my Blogger app : )