I dont love him as much as iam happy with him. But he accepts it. And in return he even gives me all his love and appreciation and understanding. Probably not the most handsome guy i have ever met, and yes he doesnt fulfill my other criteria like a good English and being at least 1,80m, but its alright you know. In fact, hes even shorter than me. A little. And i decided to accept it. Not for anyones sake but mine. Because if going deep, i have to admit that i have never met anyone more matching than him. In other words, he has the personality i have always looked for in a guy. He is so understanding, even if i wanted to pick a fight with him, i couldnt. I love the way he thinks and how he never gets upset, and even if he does, how easy it is for me to calm him down and make him happy again. I didnt fall for him. Its not the hardcore and passionate love at first sight kind of thing. At least not from my side. But i began to treasure him step by step. It started very slowly and gently. Now that iam with him i dont think i would want to live without him. I certainly could, but he is too good to let him go, really. It was about time that i learned that. To hold onto something good if its in your life. And to appreciate and treasure it.


10/3/14 Update: Things are never as they seem at the beginning. Turned out to be another person who was acting all nice and matching, but is not.