DUDU Berlin

entrance area.

one page of the menu.

 I was actually going to write a review post about this restaurant called "Dudu" from Berlin, because the service was so bad that i was seriously and deeply shocked but the pictures i took turned out to be all crap and yellow-ish. And since iam no photoshop pro i see no way for me to edit the yellow out of them. And i really dont like yellow so i cant possibly upload those pictures on my blog. Deeeply superficial, aint it. Anyway, food was alright, but service was bad. Like real bad. Just saying. I intended to write a proper blog entry but iam running out of time. Going to meet my bestie in an hour and i still need to change and do make-up because we are going to see Two Door Cinema Club tonight, hell yeah ! Another post might follow tonight if im sober enough to connect my blackberry to my computer. Cheers kids. Love x