about love and happiness

I just snapped my moms laptop and took place on my cosy bed, having decided to write. Lights are off, lamps are on and candles lit. Listening to cover songs of "Annie the clumsy", who i listen to just because of her voice. We dont exactly share the same taste of music. I dont know her, but i have been following her blog for quite some time and i adore her. She is no fame-seeking kind of blogger. Or maybe she is and i just dont know about it.  Anyway she is the reason why i started this blog in the first place. I wanted to create some space just for me. No intentions of commercilizing or faking. Just a little space to express and share myself. Get some people to see what i have to show and read what i have to say.

Ok. About love and happiness. I constructed and prepared the thoughts for this blog entry this noon already because somehow this topic popped up in my head, but the thing about saving thoughts up to write them down later is.... Well once you are out of it, you are out of it. I should write down stuff immediatly but when iam on the run and sleepy at the same time i just dont get to. My blackberry is slow and keeps crashing and i aint fast enough to catch my thoughts with handwriting. Its not that i feel like i need to blog just to publish it. But i like to capture my thought. Because sometimes they get lost again and i dont want my thoughts to get lost. They are precious to me. Is that an odd thought ? And once again i get off-topic. Just like i think all the time, i could write ongoing.

Again. About love and happiness. Love and happiness aren't proportional to each other. Its not like the more you love someone, the happier you are. Right ? Iam very happy these days in my relationship but i have to admit that i have loved other boys more than i love him. But iam happier with him than i had been with other boys. Oh i really wanted to write about this topic but now iam really sleepy again. So sleepy that i just want to turn off the lights and sleep. Its just 11pm but i have uni at 8am tomorrow. I really hate uni. But more about that some other time. I could never write for a newspaper or a magazine i guess. Those people stick to their topic, and evem if they go off-topic, its just to get back to their topic. But when i go off-topic, iam off-topic. And when im tired im tired. So, more about love and happiness next time.