i do love you with my whole heart. all my sincerety and my honesty. i love you like i have never loved anyone. but you disappointed me. iam sorry if iam not an awsome person, iam sorry i cant help you as much as i would like to, iam sorry iam loud and egoistic and stubborn. but however iam, it doesnt justify what you did. you did something really really ugly, you know ? iam deeply disappointed of you.deeply and madly disappointed.

i have lived all my life seeing people come and go. my parents were never capable of providing a stable surrounding for me when i was a kid, and throughout my teens i wasnt capable of providing a stable surrounding for myself. people just walked into and walked out of my life. and when they walked out of it i never put in enough effort to stop them from doing so. my mom calls me cold and heartless, but the truth is that i just dont want to get hurt. its a quite complex topic. iam not going to fight for you or this once more. not going to do that. gonna take a nap now. have been awake for more than 30 hours. dare calling yourself my best friend again.