small plant.

I bought all this at IKEA last week for a mere total of 30 Euro. So worth the investment. Makes my bed table look so much prettier. Iam very tidy recently and love lighting candles. Iam going through some change towards the domestic side i guess. I had totally forgotten how nice it is to just stay in bed under the sheets with a bunch of magazines and a cup of hot tea. I really couldnt stand being at home a few weeks ago because i felt so lonely. But since iam not so lonely anymore i guess i start finding my room pretty cosy.

Actually i just played around with the camera my boy lent me last night. A Canon 5D, Mark II with an i-dont-know-what-kind-of lense. Pretty pro for a beginner like me i guess but its fun getting to know the camera and its functions more. Are the pictures a tad too yellow ? I swear it was purple-ish when it was still on the cameras screen. I didnt even edit. So different from my former Sony Nex-3.