same, same, but different.

Me and my best girl at the supermarket after my first day of uni.

Had my first day at uni today. It actually started last week already but i kind of overslept so i just didnt go. Getting used to a new environment is really so hard for me. It doesnt seem so, but when iam by myself and dont know anyone iam really really fucking shy. I just cant get out of my shell and just talk to people. So i spoke to like three people in class today and found out the name of one person. Which is a big step already. I have never been one of the popular people, average looking, average talents, average intelligence, average eloquency. I dont stand out very much and usually end up being a loner for a very long time until i make friends with someone. Sigh, its really... hard. I cant stop feeling inferior to other people in no matter what aspect. I have really low self-confidence when iam not in my used environment. Like, there are people in my class who might not look that cool or dress that nice but they seem so fucking smart and eloquent and seem to know so much, it intimidates me. Or they draw so well, that intimidates me as well. Iam so easily intimidated. Gonna be funny three years.