berlin, the last night.

People you meet. Whether you like them or not, it all lies in your own perception. Even the friends of your closest friends, you might not like them. Its just natural, right ? Its beyond ones power to like everyone you meet. To focus on the good aspects of each person you meet. Its exhausting. Iam usually never impolite. Ever. But being polite doesnt mean me actually liking that person either. But either way people judge me. If i show my dislike from the start, im a bitch. If iam nice around a person at first and express my dislike afterwards, im a bitch as well. I could just not care but i would lie if i said it wouldnt affect me. So i become more and more ignorant. Trying not to care about people in the first place. Which doesnt mean i dont keep my always friendly attitude, but in the end i dont really care about the people iam nice to very much. No actually what i said right now aint well said. Im gonna go home tomorrow, more Berlin reports coming soooon !