hometown glory.

Hey kids ! Uhm whats up ? Im back in Munich and so so happy to be home. Having been so far from home for so long made me realize how incredibly much i missed Munich and my mom and friends, my bed, my room, just everything here. It was about time i appreciate my life here ! I had everything here right in front of my eyes why did i never realize ?! Four months ago when i left Munich i was so keen to get away. I always thought that i didnt belong here, that i would be happier elsewhere which is absolute rubbish. Rubbish rubbish rubbish ! I used to think, oh if i was in Asia life would be so much better, i would be so much happier and everything. Now, four months later, having been to Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Vietnam i can only say... I love Germany. I love how peaceful and green it is, how the cities are all about the perfect size and you can walk and bike everywhere and just... all the small things i didnt appreciate before like our water quality. Of course Hong Kong is super cool (my favourite city in Asia right now), but to be honest, i dont know if i wanted to work and live there. Maybe it is because i was born and raised in Germany, but everything in Germany has the perfect speed for me. Nothing goes too slow, nothing goes too fast. Ok it probably is because iam used to the life here... lol. But yeah you know, in Hong Kong for example everything and everyone is super quick and fast. I dont know if i could live there permanently. But for vacation its awsome ! I love HongKong man.
So, about Vietnam... People asked me if i wanted to live in Vietnam and my answer now is : Not now. Right now i would prefer living and working in Germany and having enough money to fly back to Vietnam to play every now and then. Iam probably still too young for things like emmigration. But then again... I probably just never realized, but i love Germany too much. Or Europe in general. I feel home about everywhere in Europe but in Asia im still a stranger. Ok wtf am i talking about. Iam twenty and not fourteen. Other people my age go to other countries to study, too....I swear i always alwaysss wanted to get away, go somewhere new and start all over and become a cooler, nicer, better version of myself. Thats how i always imagined it in my head. I go somewhere else and suddenly im super Julia. But thats not actually how it is. The location is different and you will get new habits. But you. You are still the same. So if you are unhappy and unsatisfied with yourself.... Changing the location wont change anything about yourself. So, after Vietnam, no new awsome super Julia. Maybe a bit more mature, more experience and everything but at the end of the day iam still the lazy, procrastinating and negative Julia i was before. I think i wasnt so disappointed in Vietnam as i was disappointed in myself. In the end i didnt reach anything i wanted to reach. I wanted to change myself and had to get used to new everything at the same time, its hard as fuck man. In the end getting used and dealing with that new life was more than enough to deal with already, i didnt even bother trying to work on myself anymore. I was too exhausted. And now. Iam back. And just accepted myself the way iam. I dont feel bad about being pessimistic anymore. Oh my, its the way iam, if people dont like me, fuck off. I have my family that loves me, i have my friends who love and appreciate me, what more do i need ? 
I dont think i got to the point this time. But then again i didnt really have a point. I started off wanting to write about my day in Munich and what i did so far but ended up talking about something different again lol.

Anyway ! Iam so glad to be back, to be able to hang out with my friends, and i will get started on some projects soon as i have a lot of time now. Peace out ! 

Ok real quick, to explain the pictures : I met my girl Nathalie for late late late lunch today at 5pm, another friend named Chris joined, we had frozen yoghurt, went to Zara because i had to buy something new, met up with our friend Madox, we went to have beer and dinner, talked, talked, talked (what i really love about my friends is that i can talk to them for hours and hours and hours and it never gets boring) and then i went home. I read the comments on this blog, felt bad for never blogging and will promise to blog more regularly from now on ! The stupid thing is... I dont have a camera right now. But yeah still got the iphone as substitute. Ok now iam going to edit some old videos for fun and write my motivation letter for uni application. Cheers !