4 months later.

I realized that this is the first night i spend by myself for weeks and months. Except for one night two or three weeks ago i have always had company at night either by my boyfriend or by my roommate in Saigon. Even since iam back in Germany i have been sharing the room with my little brother, who is out at his friends tonight. Iam not back in Munich yet but at my dads in this tiny town. Iam not even home yet and my heart is starting to become restless and full of wanderlust again. Being by myself like this i thought it would be a good idea to update this blog. It has been a very very very long time, i know. I was so busy in Vietnam, i didnt really feel like blogging much after having lost my iphone 4S and my camera. Yes, i lost my camera. I got robbed to specific in case you are not up-to-date. What a pity, i didnt get to take many pictures in Vietnam this time, so i cant do an entry about it like i usually do after i have been somewhere. Even the pictures i took with my iphone are gone because my iphone is gone. All is left are some instagram impressions and random pictures i uploaded on facebook and tumblr. Iam not sure if i should write about what i experienced in Vietnam even though many girls ask me about it. People are curious about how my internship was and living in Vietnam in general and pessimistic as iam and after things i have gone through iam simply not in the mood to talk my time in vietnam positive. I simply dont feel positive about it. A lot of stupid things happened to me and people been blaming me so much that it is my own fault and that i shouldnt complain so much so i dont really want to talk about it anymore.

I was in Vietnam for three months, did an unpaid internship at Elle magazine in fashion editorial and rented a room with another girl for 100€ a month. I spent roughly 2700€ in threeandahalf months. Quite a lot because there was not one day i stayed home. And i barely did any shopping and because of my boyfriend rarely had to take a cab. I dont know myself why i spent so much money. Time went by fast and now that iam back it feels so far away already. I still have unfinished business going on in Vietnam and i want to get through with it as fast as possible. People like my face in Vietnam so i was kind of popular among the teens and kids. I didnt mind. But its not like i enjoyed it either. I just did things without minding. Thats all.

I got a mail today from someone who likes this blog of mine and i love that she likes my blog. Whoever likes this blog likes me too. Whoever likes my travel photography and blogentries likes me too. So its good. It made me thinking about updating it. I have been a lazy lazy blogger. Not for toughlookdonthurt so much as for this one. Do you know that each travel entry requires a lot of preparation and a lot of time from my side ?It takes me forever until i can post them, at least one hour, from editing to uploading the pictures to writing to publishing.  Anyway, but actually i really love this blog. Not as much as my xanga probably, because my old xanga blog was kept longer and contains more memories than this one, but still i really like this blog. And i love my photography entries myself. Because they are my memories and i love going through them so much. Sometimes i spend hours going through my old xanga entries with all the pictures nd stuff. I like my instagram and tumblr and toughlookdonthurt as well but you know... No actually i love all of them. I couldnt pick a favourite besides xanga, but since i dont use xanga anymore.... Tumblr is fun for jst uploading random pictures that dont belong anywhere and instagram is really useful for capturing moments on a daily base, whereas toughlookdonthurt is more for all the commercial and fashion-related things i do. And this blog is for impressions of my adventures, trips and good moments with friends and co. Ok enough. Iam tired and will continue with another post tomorrow. Cheers.

Btw i had so much good food in Vietnam. I looveeeee grilled chicken feet SO much. All pictures from my instagram !