bought all three of them

something rally yummy. no idea what.

at Terminal 21, Level Tokyo

street market opposita Siam centre

best street food i had, no idea what it is either but SO good !

At last ! Some impressions from my weekend trip to Bangkok last month ! I went there very spontanously because a friend from Germany was there as well and asked me to come. After Taiwan and Hong Kong i really dont like travelling by myself anymore, it just does get very lonely especially if you dont even have internet access ! So since i have always wanted to go to Bangkok anyway i had to grasp the chance and go visit her before she went back to Germany.

My main purpose in Bangkok was shopping so before i went i googled malls and markets and everything instead of restaurants and cafes like i did for Taipei (where i didnt do much shopping ). Bangkok really is fucking awsome for Shopping with all its wholesale markets and low prices. I thought Vietnam was kinda cheap already but Bangkok is even cheaper than Saigon. Like much cheaper. Taxi, food, shopping, basically everything. I stayed in a hotel near Kao San with my friend and i really hate it. I hate how people try to sell you stuffs and you have to bargain so much. I just dont like it, plus my aim wasnt really to get drunk and hook up with people.... Its really cheap there though ! Like if you buy shirts there or accessories, they are usually no more than 2,50 Euro ! 5 Euro is like the highest i paid for a shirt i think. Anyway, i was there for 2 1/2 days only and spent almost a whole day at Platinum Plaza already but still a little shopping guide for you : )

Platinum Plaza - A wholesale mall, which is like huge huge huge and impressive and intimidating when you enter it for the first time ! It has seven floors and a lot of stalls. Usually if you buy two or three or more at one stall you get a different wholesale price. Always ask for wholesale prices ! Accessories are rather expensive compared to clothes but still cheap if you look properly ! I found plenty of nice stuff at Platinum Plaza, really have to look properly, a lot of clothes that are not my style or overpriced and low-quality there ! Take your time for this humongous mall, its worth it ! Be careful, you might find items repititively at different prices. In general i would say if you find something cheap, buy it. You might get it cheaper though eventualllyyyy. Just to let you know : P

Terminal 21 - A mall with different floors and different themes. The lower floors have shops with western brands and the upper floors are filled with independent shops WHICH I LOVE !!!! But i was absolutely broke when i went there so all i could do was window shopping, sad sad sad ! They really had great stuffs there... :" (

Siam Centre - Dont go Siam Discovery, its a waste of time. Siam Centre is ok, thai brands x western brands ! Was broke at the point already as well so i didnt even bother going into the shops, but they looked nice from the outside for sure, i would definitely go back there to check the shops out. Dont know about the prices but i guess not that cheapo.

Street Market opposite Siam Centre - I dont know if that market is there at daytime too cos i went there at night around 10pm and you will find a lot of nice accessories and clothes there, prices and styles are similar to Platinum Plaza (probably they have the same supplier ? ), some stalls even have wholesale prices ! Bought a lot of accessories there !

I have been to a couple other malls but they were so bad i cant be bothered to talk about them. If you have as little time as i had, go check these out first !

I dont like Bangkok itself that much, i dont find it pretty or beautiful in any way, theres traffic jam all the time but for shopping and short-vacation its totally fine i guess : )