introducing : charming place, super central !

Ok just when i thought i knew about all the cool places in Distr 1, i was introduced to this freaking awsomely awsome place today !!!! We had lunch there with my friends former boss and i didnt expect find anything so amazing so close to Vincom !!!!! When my friends former boss said she odidnt want to eat at Vincoms food court and said something about a Vietnamese lunch place with Vietnamese food very close my first thought was, oh please no, its so hot, i dont want to eat on the street. Then she went, its really cheap only 50 to 70k VND, and my second thought was, please i hope that place has aircon. I didnt know she would introduce us to such a gorgeous and lovely place ! This cafe is located in an old appartment complex just right opposite Vincom above or next to an art gallery ? Anyway ill write down the address and you check it out yourself. I think its rather new because usually pearls like this one dont stay hidden for too long in Saigon, tiny city, too many people haha. I was surprised not everyone said oh i know this place on Instagram already when i posted these pictures ! The special thing about this place is, besides being so awfully central and cheap, its interior ! My friend said that they would change the interior (which is so so so so cool) every week and i cant wait to go back there next week with my co-workers for lunch ! Drinks are rather expensive compared to food, like lunch is 50 to 70 k and a drink around 60k already ? But whatever, so worth the visit ! I think if it gets better known it will be overcrowded during lunch because its not that big and really awsome but im glad i was introduced to this cute cute cute place ! They serve only three different Vietnamese dishes per day and have a drinks menu. Atmosphere is very calm and chilled.

I actually took a lot of nice pictures of the interior with my Sony Nex 3 today BUT unfortunately my camera and my bag were robbed today..... Iam really sad about that, you have no idea how sad iam. My whole daily life was in that bag. Make up, passport, camera, money, iphone charger, notebook, accessories, business cards, just about everything that i usually need. And all of it gone, along with my current favourite bag. I want these fuckers to go to hell. I was passing the street, two guys on a motorbike passed by, snatched my bag and gone they were. I was too shocked to react. Motherfuckers.

Anyway, the address to this cute cafe is following:

Jkex Cafe
1rst floor, 26 Ly Tu Trong Street, Distr 1, Saigon

check it outttt !