Taipei, the second.

Uhm, ok so I finally have some time and sanity to write more about Taipei. Ill just type down whatever i remember, no real travel guide or anything, just sharing my impressions and experiences, as iam very lazy and sleepy right now. Ok i went to Taipei by Air China and iam not a fan of Air China. I never appreciated Qatar enough, compared to Air China Qatar Airways is soo luxurious ! Air China long-distance planes are tiny, the seats are tiny and the plane itself wasnt very clean. I was disgusted by the dirt i saw. I didnt even want to go to the toilet but i had to... Wasnt as bad as i had thought but not as nice as Qatar Airways planes : ( Anyway, the planed served its purpose, i arrived in Taipei all safe and my first impression of the airport : SO UGLYYY MAN WTF. But then i noticed its because the airport is under construction and it will probably look better next year. Hopefully smell nicer as well... No idea what that smell was but i didnt like it. Free Wifi at Taipei airport, thumbs up, every airport should provide free Wifi ! As mentioned i tried to buy a sim card with 3G and everything but im not 20 so i couldnt buy it. Bullshit. I took a bus to town, the bus was old and smelled too. Of old and moulded lol. BUT ! Everyone was so friendly from the start ! What i appreciate about Taiwanese people the most, everyone is SO nice ! I had booked an appartment very central which was small but served its purpose as well. I dont need much space anyway, as long as its clean and i have a soft pillow everything is fine. Lemme think. I dont wanna write too much unnecessary shit. Ok what you do before you visit a country and dont know anyone in that country of course you gather information. My main focus was food ! Because i had heard that food in Taipei is supposed to be so good. Taipei really is a fooders paradise, you get all kind of food everywhere ! Urgh i have to work, to be continued.