a trip into the white.

pictures taken with sony nex-3 / iphone 4 ; locations : Salzburg / Flachau (Austria)

I came back from a trip to the mountains yesterday with my body all stiff and aching ! Went snowboarding with my brother and cousin and it probably was the most exhausting three days of my whole year ! You should know, i never ever do sports. Not because iam not good at it or anything but because of the simple fact that iam super lazy. Ok, so from zero sports to at least 3 hours of snowboarding a day, which is super exhausting, is killing !!!!!! Especially for beginners like me ! Because u fall all the time and have to use so much strength on getting up again haha. I dont know why i was so ambitious with snowboarding though, even though i failed so many times on the first day and it was really hard i couldnt wait to get on the piste and improve the next day ! Maybe because i had to buy a new jacket (100€), ski glasses (80€), gloves (30€), a three-day ski pass (120€) and rent a board (100€) and i didnt want to waste the money i had invested. Seriously, its so fucking expensive. But its really fun too. I cant believe i have been living in Munich for six years, with the mountains right next to the city and i had never ever been skiing or snowboarding before ! Its soo so so much fun ! I want to go again asap ! Btw it took me a good three days to master the snowboard ! Which means, boarding down the piste without falling every 100m lol. It can only get better : D Next time i want to take lessons though. This time was more learning by doing with the help of my brother.