jst got home from berlin heading off to ldn again.
im looking forward to it cos i love ldn but i have really little money right now, im not sure its the right decision to fly now. ok actually i shouldnt think about it cos its too late anyway, i booked the flight already. 
after my london trip i will be absolutely poor and broke again, i think i have to look for a second job for the christmas season. i hate how my mom doesnt want to give me any money anymore, but at least she hasnt kicked me out yet. I HATE MONEY PROBLEMS, annoys the shit outta me and gives me headache big time. fuck it.
sometimes i seriously think iam stupid.
i booked a flight friday / monday
monday really early in the morning though, so i would land in munich around 9am so i can go to work at 11am. the thing is, the plane departures at around 6 something in gatwick, and because easyjet is a bitch and i waited to long with the booking lufthansa prices were expensive as fuck, i have to be in gatwick even earlier to do the check in at a specific time. one minute late and they wouldnt let me check in anymore, thats how they are, fucking cunts, happened to me before lol. and gatwick is far as fuck so i have to leave london late at night to be in gatwick early in the morning for check-in. now, the problem is… where do i stay on sunday till i have to leave for gatwick lol ? 
i only thought about how much cheaper the monday morning flight is compared to the sunday evening flight lol.