Berlin - photodiary.

I really really missed this kind of proper blogging with pictures taken from my awsome camera, that i can share with you ! After a long time i finally got it back for my trip to Berlin last weekend with some of the best people i know. Of course i wasnt able to take pictures of everyone i met and everyone i spent time with but those who were with me know who they are and i want to thank everyone for such a great time ! 

It had been two or three years since i have last been to our capital and i was only 16 back then so it felt like a totally new experience this time ! I will write more about it later, will update this post with more words about my trip but for now i need to get under my blankets and go to bed because its freezing in my room and editing the pictures took me long enough already, my fingers are getting stiff and i have goosebumps all over my body, because unlike most people i dont have a laptop but a computer ! So just enjoy the pictures for now ! Cheers !