childhood hobby.

The biro i started this sketch with ran out in the middle of it : ( it was my favourite pen at school for months ! Cos it was kinda black and drew very thin lines. And i found it for free somewhere. Too bad. I continued with a gel pen from Muji but it didnt feel the same. The line of the gel pen is pure black black no matter how soft or hard u push it towards the paper. Like with every ascpect of my life im very messy when it comes to drawing as well. Cant do clear lines, everything is done kinda, kinda. I think if i put more effort in it i could do better. This was done in three songs. After tonight, someone like you and we are the people. I havnt drawn like this for months. I have no idea why i do so much at the computer and dont focus and improve other skills of mine. I dont even do so much at the computer, checking facebook, tumblr, etc, pretty unproductive. Not very satisfying.

Almost all of my sketches and drawings made in the past... three years i think it is, were made on paper from the pad you can see above. I got it three years ago, from someone who inspired me very much. Who encouraged me to follow the artistic path. I will be thankful to him forever. There is a story involved, i will tell you sometime. A lovestory that wasnt quite a lovestory because it didnt involve any love.