the x factor !

Marlon Bertzbach - After Tonight (one of my favourite songs ever)
skip all the talking part and go to 1:45 ! i know he aint handsome but i absolutely love his voice!

Who is friends with me on facebook might know that iam an extremely huge x factor fan ! Not only x factor but also other casting shows, whatever show with great contestants and vocals ! Iam so excited for the new seasons in every country !!! My favourites last year were Marlon Bertzbach from x factor Germany (i love his voice so so so so so much, seriously, listen to his songs ! esp after tonight, last reuquest, wonderwall, i like ), One direction from x factor UK with 'torn' at the judges house, and Sarah, from x factor denmark with her auditioning song ! There were many other great contestants but i usually like the ones who cover the songs i like, best ! haha. x factor germany has recently started, i think there are two or three voices i really adore but the show itself is kinda shit and boring this year. They focus on background stories too much and on the performances too little. I wanna see great singers performances and not average singers histories ! Stupid. Anyone else so much into casting shows like me lol ? My favourites of x factor uk right now : Frankie Cocozza and John Adams ! No real favourite from x factor Germany so far. x factor australia was disappointing. Ehmm... had no time to check any other yet haha. 

And my favourite country is.... UK ! Definitely haha. Just listening to them people talk is worth watching it already. Yes iam another foreigner who is madly in love with any kind of british accent haha. Absolutely GORGEOUS !

Oh btw i deleted the post about my traditional bavarian dress. Didnt like the pictures ! Will make a new post when i have nicer pictures !