paris impressions - more.

Everytime i have to leave Paris i do it with a really really really heavy heart. This time i actually went to Paris for a secret mission and to meet friends. Secret mission impossible failed big time, but at least i got to see one of my friends. We only spent 2 days there, i wish we could have stayed longer : ( Didnt even get to see and meet everyone ! Two days is too little ! Last time i went for a week and it was too little, too haha. I really love Paris. Almost as much as London : P

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P.S. i just realized those are only pictures from midday of first day on. Pictures of our journey and the morning of the first day will follow shortly ! Plus blackberry images andddd a video ! (Blogging is seriously exhausting business. All the editing and stuff, so annoying. I wish i had a robot who choses and edits all my pictures the way i do ! btw these pictures are unedited, i was too lazy........)

lotsa fixed bikes in Paris, its insane ! saw so many. came back to Munich and realized, not so many here lol.

used to fucking hate macaroons. now i love em. especially pistachio ! favourite !!

what ?! lol.

at higuma. favourite japanese curry EVER ! me and my girl yi aaalways go there when we're in paris ! i wrote about it already on my xanga. wanna know more about it ? look it up, im too lazy. now i wish i had done the tagging thing on my xanga, would make my life much easier haha.

the nice appartment we stayed at ! we made it look a bit messy lol. it was so so so nice but i will do a review about it later ! : D

this was seriously the shittest bowl of pho i ever had in my entireeee life ! you see i usually have this favourite pho place i ALWAYS go to when im in 13th district of paris. BUT it was too crowded that day and everyone was hungry so we tried the restaurant next to it. because i wanted to, because it seemed like they had quay haha. we went in. ok. only chinese people. no good sign at all. our table was close to the kitchen. only bangladeshi or something people in the kitchen !!!! i was like..... ok this cant be a good place. waiters being unfriendly ? pretty normal in paris, but i hate it still. and then, NO QUAY !! sold out or something ! the only reason i wanted to go into that restaurant D:  ok. we all ordered our bowl of pho. and then......

... as i expected, it was so freaking disgusting i really could not neat it. the soup was not hot, the meat after minutes still raw and the noodles too hard. look at this shit, how disgusting !!!! wasted money, seriously. in case you wanna know which restaurant that was... i dont know. i know the restaurant next to it, i have the name of it on some of my pictures on xanga, cos i went there couples times already but too lazy to look up. anyway, its next to a bubble tea store and usually has quay. dont ever go there, i swear, its so so bad. only stupid chinese people eat there !!!!! me and my other vietnamese friend were like omg this is so bad... -.-

I can only repeat myself. Paris is beautiful. But Paris is also fucking dirty and smells disgsuting kinda everywhere. Most people dont seem to mind all the smells and dirt and homeless people but for Yi and me its still a shock everytime. Because we live in the fucking cleanest city of Germany and are not fucking used to such disgusting images and smells ! The last picture here..... its nothing but a wall in the underground. Yis theory is that too many people peed there and thats why it looks like this. This image shouldnt even exist, really.