octoberfest so far.

Octoberfest is pure getting drunk with beer haha. I dont know why but i dont feel like it so much this year. Probably because i work so much all the time, and on my free days i dont want to spend all my hard worked for money all at once. Because octoberfest IS fucking expensive. I usually drink 2 glasses of beer, which is 20 euro already. Then eat something, and something more. Then im drunk and treat my friend for beer too. Gone are 40 or 50 euro. And i fucking need to save money to buy my mom a nice birthday present this year which is next Sunday !

Octoberfest is fucking fucking huuuge, i dont even go around anymore, everytime i get there i jst go straight to the beer tents haha. Get drunk, have fun with my people and go home sleep, cos beer makes me fucking sleepy.

Iam living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle right now, i work 10 hours a day, go clubbing, get drunk, sleep three or four hours, then go to work again. I really feel very exhausted everytime i get ready to sleep, which is usually when the sun is going up. I told myself, only till after octoberfest ! After octoberfest i will be good, no drinking, no smoking, no clubbing for a while and saving money ! (I think this will be an impossible task for me but i just have to do it...) Sometimes i envy those people who dont ever go out, just stay home and do nothing but are still happy with their lives. I can never be like that haha.

I love going out, hanging with my friends, getting drunk, do shit, talk shit, smoke, all the things that make me feel so exhausted and wasted right now and you are supposed to do what you love, right ? Usually i wouldnt mind wasting all my money on these activities but my future is at stake ! I fucking have to save money since i want to move to London next year. I HAVE TO !! (this is me trying to convince myself haha)