the other night.

one of my facourite clubs in munich : crux !

A bit too small, and always too hot, makes me go out and smoke more than any other club but its one of the few clubs in munich actually playing proper hip hop. And if i go clubbing i either need hip hop, electro or dubsteb. I dont really like deep house or minimal or techno. Gotta be reaal drunk haha. Anyway, crux is one of the rather nice clubs in Munich !!! We dont have too many of them.

These pictures were taken by me and my friends with iphones/blackberrys. When some friends from Berlin came to visit the Munich folks and check out Octoberfest ! Was a good night. I didnt go home. Slept at friends place, no shower, in old clothes, old make up, 3 hours of sleep, best conditions to go to work the next morning !