casual day.

Alisa ! how freakin gorgeous is her octoberfest outfit ?!


been a long time jst eating and talking with the girls !! iam so busy working recently and usually only get to see em at night when we are all drunk and never talk about anything serious : (

WE ALL WANNA GO TO NY ! hahaha. one day.

asian kids at the main station. how cliche !

I cant believe how fast time flies. Ive been knowing most of my girls and mates for so so long, ever since iam 14, and iam fucking 19 now ! When we were younger we used to meet after school for shopping and complain about school and family and stuff and sneak out at the weekends to try to get into clubs or go to other friends to drink alcohol, and we felt so cool haha. Now everyones trying to sort out their lives. Some go to uni already, some are doing their 3rd attempt to graduate from school, some just work. With the age our sorrows have grown bigger as well. But its awsome to have people you can share them with.