'Don't go home'

'Baby good night'

Ohmygod i have such a major crush on this duo. My two favourites from Big Bang, G Dragon and TOP !!!! I spent so many hours watching their live performances and interviews in Vietnam, and iam absolutely in love ! Favourite song from their collab : 'high high'. I can even sing and rap bits of the song cos i spent hours trying to learn it when i was bored in Vietnam haha. How fucking hot are they, and their voices ! No words, just love haha. Fangirl big time !!!

Don't expect much blogging from me in the next few days/weeks. Iam more than super busy. Work from 11am to 11pm ! When i get home im nothing but tired and my mind is blank and all i wanna do is sleep. I still have all the pictures from Vietnam which are just waiting to be edited and uploaded but i jst cant find the time and energy.