analog memories.

paris june 2011 with Yi & him

How beautiful is it to go through your freshly developed analog pictures and getting all these flashbacks from the moments the memories were captured ? I love this feeling. Being reminded of beautiful moments in the past. The state of reminiscence... Dont ask me why the first picture is upside down. For some reason i jst couldnt rotate it back. Stupid ! These pictures were so eagerly anticipated by me. First of all, because for the first time someone took my camera from me, took pictures of me, and all of them turned lovely ! Second, because it wasnt jst 'someone' but him. Very happy with these shots. But actually they dont belong to me, but him, as he was the photographer. I will pass them on if i get the chance to !

When i take pictures from other cameras, i want the pictures, and i always make clear they are MY pictures, my product, my work, and they belong to me. Most people dont understand why, to them its jst a shot. One out of many. One which is sometimes obviously better than their shots but yet, its jst a picture. They will upload it to facebook, not even mention who took it, get the credits for it, and i get upset about it. I DO. Because to them its jst a shot and to me its something much more valuable ! Its a visual reflection of a very short single moment in my life, perceived with my eyes and captured with the camera. Its something precious to me. I go as far as dragging people to credit my pictures when they upload them to facebook haha. A bit silly but i do insist on it ! (Iam talking about to me beautiful pictures, not jst stupid camwhore shots or something haha)

I can be very queer sometimes ! Anyway, iam still super busy. I go to work, stay up late, sleep in, oversleep, run to work, pretty much the same everyday. I probably would get my healthy dose of sleep everyday if i didnt do so much online browsing (music, blogs, etc) but i cant help it : /  Super tired now, 6am, actually only wanted to post the pictures, now wrote so much again haha.