Hey kidsss ! I just got home from a short trip to Madrid, Spains capital. Except for a holiday on Mallorca when i was nine or something, i have never really been to Spain because somehow it was never really appealing to me. I have been to Lisbon, Athens, Rome.... and i thought Madrid is just another southern capital i would probably not like.. So i actually never intended to go there. BIG MISTAKE !!! Because Madrid is so fucking beautiful and nice and great for shopping and food ! And its kind of clean and has great architecture, a perfect size and ahhh i just like it so much ! I would definitely go back there anytime if given the chance ! I would even prefer Madrid over Paris, if i had friends there. Its not too expensive, the streets and buildings are so pretty and photogenic plus Zara is cheaper there ! Haha. You all know that Zara is cheaper in Spain and Portugal than in the rest of the world right ? I did so much shopping this time, im really happy about ittt. I dont really want to do a city guide because those four days were not enough to fully explore the city but here are a few things i would like to mention, in case you decide to go to Madrid :

About food. Tapas. I didnt really know what Tapas were before, but they are basically jst small pieces / amounts of food. Like finger food. And there are so many different kinds. So you can always order a lot of different kinds of Tapas, which is something i looove. Its like asian food, you order different dishes and can try and share. Iam actually really sad i didnt get to try a lot of Tapa restaurants because for some reason i just didnt eat much : ( Just walked around and thought wow, food looks so yummy but im simply not hungry. I had no appetite at all most of the time. And then again one time i was so hungry i had to eat something instantly and there was this "Pans & Company" popping up in front of us and we thought we might as well give Spanish fast food a try and lemme tell you this : Dont get a menu at Pans & Company if you are on diet or complain about your weight because they are calorie bombssssss. You know how bread is actually enough food to make you full ? Like those baguettes with salami and stuff. Well that is basically what you get at Bread & Company PLUS fries !!!!! What a killing combination. And don't go to "Cafe and Tapas". There is one in the centre (its a chain) which looks super nice and pretty from the outside (the reason why we checked it out), but actually the food is just average or lower and the service is really bad. Like, i can tell that they try hard but they still suck, iam sorry. Ok this one is in all city guides, "Mercado de San Miguel". Kind of like a food hall with a lot of finger food !! So yum. Just walk around and eat, i love it ! Last but not least, there are a lot of "cervecarias" (cerveza = beer) that offer 5 bottles of beer for three Euro. So cheap hey ! Unfortunately i didnt feel like drinking either this time. But im sure there will be a next time 8 )

About other stuff. I wouldnt bother buying a metro card in Madrid. Not really, unless your hotel is kind of far from the centre. Why ? Madrid has an awsome size, you can really walk everywhere ! All major attractions are in walking distance and if you are too lazy, buy a city tour bus ticket ! I have to admit, its rather expensive with 20€ for one day and 24€ for two days but hey, whats cheap nowadays anyway. So in case you were gonna do that city tour by bus anyway, buy a ticket for two days !!! Dont make our mistake and buy it for just one day, then realizing that its just 4€ more for a two-day ticket ! It stops at all major attractions and you can hop on and off anywhere anytime you want. So handy ! You get around as well very quickly and at the same time you still get to see the streets nd stuff and not just an ugly underground train. 
Madrid is super awsome for shopping btw ! Please do google shopping in Madrid, because iam to lazy to list shops right now. Actually iam really tired. But yeah, i bought a lot in Madrid, i think shopping there is even better than in Paris because i feel like Paris is kind of expensive in so many aspects. Check out that Vintage shop that is called Magpie, it has a better selection than the other shops on that street. And consider that most shops are closed during noon for siestaa ! 
In total i spent roughly 300€ not counting the flight ticket which cost me 250€. I could have gotten a cheaper ticket if i hadnt booked so last-minute. The actual reason why i went to Madrid was my best girl Yi ! She was there already because her sister lives in Madrid, so we had free accomondation. Im too tired to continue this blogentry. I feel a light headache already.

Anyway, I highly recommend Madrid ! Its a great city ! In every aspect ! There was nothing i particularly disliked. Ok two guys tried to robbed me but they didnt do it in an aggressively vietnamese way by stealing my whole bag and running off, so i kind of forgave them since they failed anyway. Yi noticed and pulled me away from those two guys, who btw were jst smiling at our shock. Whatever. I didnt lose anything, so im not gonna complain. But yeah, everyone watch out and be careful. ( I love Germany so much, i feel so safe here. I never feel like i have to be scared to get robbed or something stolen except for my bike lol )

Okkk, thats it, goodnight kids !