just thinking...

I feel like I'm going to write now, because of someone, but of course I'm not going to write about that someone, knowing that someone might be going to read it, so I'm just going to write about something completely off topic. Or maybe not quite off topic.

I had three major different conversations today, and the thing about me and conversations is, they make me think. Oddly, the conversations I had today crossed each other in topic, so I had to look at those from different aspects. I very much appreciate having a good talk with people I don't know very well, because they bring up aspects I usually never consider, or even topics I usually never consider. Not because I don't want to, but just because I don't. 

Because I have a very bad memory, I'm not going to mention what exactly those conversations were about, but I think that every encounter in life shapes your way of thinking and the way you consider things. Actually I'm kind of tired. You see, the thing with me and writing is, when I try too hard I can't. And sometimes if I feel the urge to I just do. So actually this post is bullshit, but I knew from the start and decided to put it into this world anyway. Here it is.