Iam a lazy cat.

Working 5 days a week, doing paper work for mom, doing paper work for myself, finding time for boyfriend, finding time for friends, finding time for myself, finding time to blog, organizing my travels, organizing my life, organizing Floralpunk, pay bills, check facebook, check instagram, do tumblr. LOL. The problem is that i work in gastronomy, which means that while i work i can do nothing else. I cant write mails, i cant transfer money and pay bills, i cant write letters for my mom, like other people who have desktop jobs. But i need to do all these things you see. So i work from 6pm to 1am, come home, shower, talk to my boyfriend the whole night, go to sleep around 5am, always try to wake up at 11am to get the stuff done, end up getting up at 3pm, rush to get at least SOME stuff done, get ready and go to work again. Its a doom loop. For some people no problem. Some people are much busier than me. The difference is... Iam naturally lazy. Thus being so busy is so fucking exhausting to me. If i didnt have to work so much and care about all that paper work shit for mom my life would be so chilled and i could focus more on my personal interests. BUT. Its not an option right now. Ok and now that i have gotten rid of my complaints imma head towards slumberland. Dude. Morning shift in a couple hours. Dude, need to go to the doctor before that. Dude need to do grocery shopping during lunch break. And go get some stuffs from some place. And meet my friend. Dude, need to finish some stuffs after work as well. And talk to bf. And sleep. And then go to customs wednesday morning to get my stuff from Korea. And then a photo shooting at 12. And then bake for boyfriend cos its shit Valentines Day on Thurs. And then get my ass to Berlin. One free day on Thursday. Yay. Back on Friday, go to work. Shit and need to squeeze in some time for authorities to get my little sisters birth certificate. I hope this nightmare ends soon. I hate it when there are so many tasks on my list. Buhuhu.