the longboard.

I do the best i can to keep this blog updated with my iphone pictures ! I really really hate blogging with iphone pictures though... I dont mind uploading the pictures singularly to instagram, tumblr or facebook but for the purpose of blogging, like proper blogging i prefer a solid digital camera. The quality and colours are simply better. Never mind. This post today will be about two things ! My new vehicle, the longboard, and my favourite Korean restaurant in Munich !

Lets start with the longboard ! Ive been seeing them all over tumblr for quite a while and when i was in Vietnam the urge to buy one and try it myself overcame me. So. On a rainy day i sat at the computer at the Elle office and read and watched all kind of material about longboarding. I did some research about good beginner boards etc. and because longboarding isnt really big in Vietnam i first tried getting one through asian online shops. No success. Shipping was always way too expensive. Then i saw a nice one from Global at Siam Centre in Bangkok but i was too broke to buy it. In the end i decided to just buy one through a German online shop and have it shipped home, so it could welcome me once i got back haha. I bought mine via a i think Berlin-based online shop called 'Lassrollen'. The guy there recommended me that Arbor swallowtail as solid beginner board plus it was below my budget of 200€ so i bought it. Cant complain so far. The beginning was a bit harsh simply because i was scared of falling but after only two or three days of constantly trying for an hour or so i kind of got this whole pushing, keeping balance and stopping thing. Now after three weeks or so iam all good with my board. I still dont dare going downhill with it though. I should work on that. When i go downhill i kind of roll and stop and roll and stop because otherwise the longboard would roll too fast and i would lose control. People say that going downhill is the most fun part though so i will definitely try harder. To me right now the longboard is purely a vehicle to get to my destinations faster. I did some cruising when i first started but i have been busy with work and stuff recently and its really a comfortable and quick way to get around. Right now... i wouldnt exchange it for a bike. A bike is too big and when iam too lazy to ride i cant take it into the bus or underground with me unlike the longboard. I really recommend everyone who is interested to give it a try ! 

Like my best friend Yi, i made her try the other day until she got a hold on it ! We practiced in front of the entrance of Munichs museum of modern arts because the floor there is very even and nice to roll around. There are other nice places as well, like in front of the 'TU', the technical university of Munich (see the dark pictures). We had a fun day and iam glad in convinced her to buy a longboard as well ! So we can cruise together hehe. She bought it the next day right away, at Boneless, a skate shop right in the centre of Munich. Yi was really shy at first but the people there are so supportive when it comes to recommending and encouraging ! Her board was only 199€ as well, and i like the simple design. (I secretly hate the bottom of my board lol)
So, all i can say is, try it ! Its so much fun. I know there are a lot of people like me and Yi out there who are kind of shy and maybe not so confident and dont dare to go to a shop to ask for recommendation. Do it like me then, email an online shop, tell your budget and ask for advise ! You will have to pay shipping costs but oh yeah. And once you have overcome that step its all very easy. Grab your board and roll around in front of your house. Give it a try. Its hard to keep balance at first when you are not used to it but a longboard is quite easy to ride so if you consider the basics its really not hard at all. 

The story of my first ride : Ok this is actually a bit embarassing but whatever. I kind of drove to a park near my home and didnt know how to stop or whether the way i pushed the board was right. I just did something. After arrival at the park i saw some guy sitting in the grass taking pictures of trees or something. I was like, ehh wtf is he doing there and didnt pay further attention. I continued rolling around but it just didnt feel natural, so i took out my blackberry. I sat there not far away from that guy, and googled longboarding basics lol. I read through all the basic rules and was like ahhhh. I tried to try it. Didnt quite work as i expected haha. Of course not, those were my first attempts. I fell, my board rolled away, i turned spiritless. There was a little hill and i sat on my board and slowly rolled down the hill a little. I got up, grapped my board and wanted to go up the hill again. When i saw that photography guy taking out his longboard out of nowhere and no, i didnt react all cool and ignored him and stuff, i turned around again. Sat down on my board again and rolled further down. I ran away from the longboarding photographer simply because he knows how to do it and well... I didnt. real stupid actually haha. Because of my low confidence i had to go a different way back home which is soooo much longer and i was pissed at myself. From there on i was so eager to master the board and now iam cool. Iam glad i gave it a try. So useful that longboard i swear. Like when my mom goes grocery shopping and tells me to bring the stuff in from the car i just load my board with so many things i couldnt carry with my hands and roll it to our house haha. Now i have written so much more than i actually intended to write.... Hmmmmm.

I think ill save the entry about my favourite korean restaurant for some other time when i have tastier pictures. The name is Kims restaurant or something and the food is really good ! And not too expensive actually. Except for the Soju which is like 17€. Wtf right. I told my bf who is korean and he was shocked.