Hong Kong, the second

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More impressions of Hongkong !!! First of all, get a 3G sim card ! So useful, i swear ! I bought mine as soon as i had landed but somehow it didnt work so i went to the shop of the provider and the guy who worked there changed some settings of my iphone and then it worked ! My first impression of Hongkong people, everyone is so fast. They talk fast, they do things fast and i love it !

Second thing i want to say, a lot of websites recommend Lei Garden as a good place to eat. I tell you, it sucks, it sucks so bad i really really regretted having eaten there !! See the pictures with the few pieces of pork belly, thousand year old eggs and my prok spareribs ? Look yum but tasted just so so. Iam not complaining about the taste of the food so much as about the price you pay and the quality and quantity you get ! The portions are so tiny, i paid more than 50 Euro for a lot of little portions which were so unsatisfying and not even that good. I left Lei Garden unhappy and out of money. Dont go there. Especially not in a bigger group ? Omg imagine ten people and everyone ordering one dish but every dish is so tiny that exactly one person can eat it only.... How horrifyingly much will u have to pay until everyone is satisfied ?! I went to the one on Henessy Road btw, dont know what it is like in the other branches but for now i wouldnt recommend Lei Garden to anyone, there are so many more great places where u can eat !

Basically you can find food almost everywhere in Hongkong, stalls with fishball or meatcrab snacks almost everywhere and sooo goood ! At least the ones i have tried ! Not disappointed even once : ) And then there are smaller restaurants which look a bit uninviting from the outside but if you go in and ask for an English menu, and most of them look like they dont but they alsways do have so dont hestitate to ask, you get really good food at a very very low price ! Oh and try the fucking sweet and sour pork in Hongkong ! I know sweet and sour pork in Germany often sucks, but in Hongkong its SO gooood !!!

And get yourself a fucking Octopus card ! Best investment ever because you can go anywhere with it ! Theres so many things you can pay with it, its so useful ! All public transportation services in Hongkong are rather cheap in general so i didnt have to top up my octopus card even once in 5 days which was charged with 150$ i think. Things you can do with it : Ride the MRT, busses and trams. Busses in Hongkong look and work basically the same like the ones in London. You have the card, go in, pad the sensor and it charges the money from your card. For trams, its almost the same ! And i highly recommend you to take the tram, i absolutely loved going by tram ! So convenient and  nice. So you have those tram stations and when the tram arrives, the entrance is at the back of the tram ! Why ? Because you pay when get out of the tram, not in ! Use octopus card, no need to hand out money ! Just pad the sensor when you leave the tram. 
You can even use your octopus card for the peak tram !!! I dont know if any of my readers have watched the Running Man episode when they went to Hongkong but well i did and i was so fascinated by that tram i had to find it !!! Its a very famous attraction in Hongkong but not too close to MRT so it might take a while to walk there or just take the bus ! All pictures taken of the city from above were taken from the peak of Victoria park after getting off from the peak tram ! Highly recommended, but would be nicer if it had been sunset or something when i was at the top. Another thing you can use the octopus card for is the ferry ! Dont worry about having to buy tickets and stuff, just use your card !!!! So basically you really can take all public transportation vehicles with that card. Save money ! I didnt have to take the taxi once because everywhere was very convenient to go. 

Hongkong is really a great place, i love how western it feels but at the same time you find the local culture around every corner in every alley ! People are nice and friendly and quick in what they do and i appreciate that. I enjoyed walking around and discovering Soho a lot, Tsi Sha Tsui wasnt so much my cup of tea but Mongkok again is really lovely. Hongkong has so many great corners and i feel like five days werent enough and i really want to go back. Hongkong is highly recommended !

I didnt do much shopping in Hongkong though. Didnt see too many shops around either, like non-high street ones. Taipei has a lot of them.. Maybe i just missed out on them in HK, but nvm there will be a next time !