Last night - review

Hey guys !

First of all, sorry for so lazily not replying to comments haha. I'm
being honest and I have no idea how other bloggers who get more than
10 comments a day do it, but iam too fucking lazy. I read them,
appreciate opinions and think about what to reply but the process of
actual replying never takes place haha. Anyway yes my travel
destinations for next year do sound awsome, I agree with you guys, and
the reasons why I'm going are business ideas and getaway ! I use every
opportunity I get to leave Germany and I can't wait to explore Asia a
bit more ! Also can't wait to see my friends again !

I actually just wanted to write something about last night, which
happened to be a fucking good night. It has been the first time for
two weeks or more that I have been out with my friends here, my best
friend not counting as I see her very often due to work ( we work at
the same restaurant lol).

It was so good seeing them, seriously. It felt good to finally talk to
them again, get opinions on my current life plan and to just chat and
laugh. I keep my circle of friends very small but the people who are
in it, I know that I can trust them, that I can always talk to them,
that they would always listen to me and give me their honest opinions.
I seriously love all of them a lot. Best people ever !

I often think that I'm actually a really shit friend because I'm so
fickle and moody and often just get so overwhelmed by myself and
things going on in my life that I don't even care about other people
anymore. I'm lucky I have people around me who know me well enough to
give me my space when I need it and accept me the way Iam. So so lucky.

About last night ? I had so much fun, laughed so much and was drunk as
fuck haha.

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