on the way to Paris.

i absolutely love taking reflection pictures on the bus or train : ) i wonder if anyone has ever noticed.

looks like a spaceship doesnt it ?? haha awsome. im always so impressed by the sky.

i want this blackberry case tooo : ( but i dont even have a blackberry right now

i couldnt decide which one to take... so i ended up taking both D: MEGA FATSO!

we arrived in Paris at 7am !! and left Munich at 5pm the day before lol. low budget travelling !!

paris is seriously the city of bad smell ! not even bad... disgusting !!! it just smells of pee and other shit almost everywhere !!! we stood in this qeue for sooo long to get metro tickets and i had to breath through my book all the time lol. means... i opened my book and put it in front of my face and breathed lol. I SERIOUSLY COULDNT STAND THE SMELL !!! so disgusting. 

cest normaalllll.  i dont think i have ever been to any city with more homeless people. so many weird and disgusting people walking around in paris. kinda feel sorry for them sometimes : S 

when we arrived at porte clignancourt !!! ghettoooo haha. nah kidding. anyway we booked an appartment via airnb.com and it was the loveliest appartment everrrr in this building:

booking an appartment seriously saves soooo much money. i will blog about our great appartment soon !

Here are some more pictures from my recent Paris trip. Ok more camwhoring than actually impressions of Paris. I still have so many pictures from Vietnam, Singapore and from my days here in Munich i want to post. I really lack too much time. I wish i had more of it.

Pictures are unedited, i was too lazy to edit them.