I couldnt sleep very well recently because i was obsessed with googling all kind of possibilities for my further education. I seriously googled all kind of colleges, universities and institutes worldwide which offered courses related to what i had in mind. The results: Digital Journalism, (Digital) Media Design, Media and Communication Design, or Media Arts Production. In either UK, US, Germany, Singapore or Amsterdam.

The problem : I want to start studying asap. I dont want to study in the US because undergraduate studies take four fucking years. I cant study in UK yet because all courses start in winter term next year. And i dont want to wait another year doing absolutely nothing. I cant even get internships in my field of interest because i dont even know how to use photoshop !! So i decided to do a Diploma in Digital Journalism either in Amsterdam or Singapore (because they offer intakes in spring next year already) first, and after finishing that doing internships and then start proper undergraduate studies. My favourite subject would be Media Arts Production at Greenwich University. The curriculum focuses on excactly what i want to learn and its close to London.

But thats still kinda far away. My main question right now is.... SINGAPORE or AMSTERDAM.
I have been to both cities. Im afraid i will be bored to death in Amsterdam. Its tiny and not very entertaining and i dont like smoking weed. Singapore is awsome.. i hate the climate and humidity though. But love the city itself. But for some weird reason i dont get along with the people there very well. Im a bit blunt and kind of retarded, Singaporean people dont seem to like it lol. I cant decideeee...... : (