paris, a never ending love story.

Do you know my paris videos already ? Im not very much of a great filmer but i certainly enjoy putting the short moments i film together and make a video out of it ! Like with photos there is never much to be seen of me because its always me holding the camera in my hand : (

I really need to surround myself with more people who are just as passionate about camwhoring as iam ! Thats one of the features i like about my co-blogger Nga from toughlookdonthurt best : D always eager to take pictures, as well as having pictures taken of her ! Perfect match i call that ! 

I enjoy taking pictures of others, too, of course, otherwise i wouldnt do it, but sometimes it really is a shame, especially when i think i look especially good on a day, that noones really willing or eager to take a picture of me (in which i actually look good). I have to do self-camwhoring, or when i tell my friend to take the picture, they just take one or two snaps, doesnt matter whether it looks good or not. Its really annoying sometimes, but what can you do. Some people simply dont care about photography. 

Anyway, i just returned from a weekend trip to Paris, look forward to pictures and probably a new video : D