today. ft purchases

One thing you need to know about me. I rarely ever feel attracted to sweet food. And the mix of salty and sweet is just pure disgusting for me !! Went to eat 'che' with moms boyfriend today, but theres only one special sort of che i eat. Che is some kind of vietnamese dessert stuff. Anyway i onlyyy eat my moms che bap (made out of corn) and the one u see in the picture with the two white balls ! Even though i like my moms much better that one was ok too. I still have no idea how it is named lol. But it was bareeee sweet. I like my moms because its never too sweet, always perfect ! Actually i always think my moms food is the best : D She can do almost anything ! Yoyo i should learn more recipes from her : 3

Yooo my new glasses, iam so in love with them ! And the bunch of new accessories i have bought over the past days ! Vietnam is fucking expensive now, sometimes iam shocked ! I bought the earrings for 125000 dong, thats more than 5 dollars wtf. Thinking of it now... stupid of me haha.