not on purpose.

You know, sometimes there are people... people you just dont like. People who do nothing wrong. People who are nice. People who aren't even ugly in common sense. But there is something about them you just dont like, something about them that makes you being unable to like them.

Iam some real hypocrite. Or maybe iam just nice. Or maybe i just like to act. I dont even know. If i dont like someone, knowing that that person doesnt deserve it, i would still act nice in front of them. Im not mean. But i do talk bad behind their back, though. I just have this thing with criticizing people. I can't help myself, when i dont like someone i can't find one positive point about them. Everything is ugly, everything is annoying. Iam not that kind of person to act all bitchy, only because i dont like someone for no certain reason. Which doesnt make me better than those people. Actually i think im worse.  Im guileful. hypocritical. But then again, i dont do it because i think they don't deserve to be treated that way but i still like criticizing everything about them. Haha how confusing. Once again i come to the conclusion, that there is no good and bad. It depends on how you see it. The shape will change with the changing angle, from which you see the object.